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PRP is your partner in impressive metal façades, innovative sheet metal products and the fully customisable industrial protection solution ProCab. With thorough planning and close co-operation we guarantee a successuful result.

Our strengths include the contract manufacturing of sheet metal products, the production and installation of metal façades and building trims and ProCab industrial protection solutions. Our flexible solutions and modern machinery guarantee high-quality results in a wide range of different projects. 

Our product designers actively participate in our projects from the get-go. This allows us to offer to your our broad know-how of materials, tools and the porribilities of our machinery.

We want to contribute to our clients’ success with innovative metal and sheet metal products. In doing so we apply the principles of sustainability and responsibility for our shared future.





PRP:ltä näyttäät julkisivuratkaisut


We produce top-quality façade solutions of aluminium composite and a range of sheet metal materials such as steel, corten, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. 

Innovatiiviset ohutlevytyöt PRP:n tuotantona


Our expertise on sheet metal products spand more than three decades. Our broad range of metal working machinery allows us to produce especially large and challenging sheet metal products efficiently.

ProCab-teollinen suojaus mittojen mukaan


ProCab is a modular structure built on and around machines or equipment or into an operator booth. It can be customised to all kinds of production sites to provide protection from noise, dust and excess heat.

Award-winning Fyyri façade showcases our expertise

Fyyri, the main library of the city of Kirkkonummi has been awarded with the Finlandia Award for Architecture in 2021. The award is handed out annually for the new design or renovation design of a significant building or group of buildings. The award committee’s short list included also the Helsinki urban design hub -building and the Ylivieska Church. The winner was chosen and announced by philosopher Esa Saarinen on Monday 4th October 2021.

We congratulate the victorious architects and take part in the celebration!

Fyyri was a project we contributed to in a significant way. We are experts at constructing metal façades and our process focuses on giving life to the designers’ vision with the best of materials and methods. For more information about Fyyri as a project, please read our case reference article here.

We are a part of Duuri Group, a Nordic family enterprise that gathers together the best expertise in not only impressive façades but also flexible and functional space division concepts and stylish finishing products for construction and interior decoration projects. Our mission is to find and realise solutions which highlight the designer’s view and vision.

”Fyyri was an education in the production of millimetre accurate and top-quality details. The smallest detail could involve a large amount of product design and exceptional craftmanship. Close and open collaboration with the architect. andthe contractor build a relationship or trust, which allows the productive solution of even the toughest challenge. ” – Façade Business Manager Jukka-Pekka Viita, PRP


Fyyri in the media (In Finnish):


https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000008302897.html (pay wall)




at your service when surfaces matter

We are a part of Duuri Group, a Nordic family enterprise that gathers together the best expertise in façades and sheet metal work, smart space division solutions by Scanmikael and the best in finishing prodyducts for construction and interior decoration by Duuri and its Nordic and Baltic subsidiaries.

Read more about Duuri Group here.