Impressive results with meticulous finishing.


PRP has given life to a large number of demanding façade solutions to buildings ranging from residential buildings to hospitals, libraries and shopping centres. Take a closer look at our references below!









Marinranta, Espoo

Marinranta is a modern above ground paking facility which was comppleted in 2020. The crisp and edgy forms give the building a clear silhouette. It fits in with the terrain and the milieu in a harmonious way.

Our product design and modern metal punching machines allowed us to realise the demanding design of the façade in. acost efficient manner. The custom perforated aluminium magnesium alloy sheets were fixed to prefabricated aluminium skeleton elements. The diamond perforations continue uninterrupted along the entire public façade. To reach this uniform look, each sheet was designed and manufactures individually. 

The entrance side Cor-Ten façade was realised with our own PRP10 cassettes, in which the cassettes are fixed at the seams and the screws are hidden inside the structure. The advantage of this system is speedy installation and easy replacing of cassettes if needed. The characteristic natural and warm rustic tone of the Cor-Ten steel gives the façade a pleasing and softer look. 

We used our strong metal working expertise and effective machinery to realise the required elements.  

Materials: Perforated aluminium magnesium alloy elements, PRP10 cassettes of Cor-Ten steel.


Isabella Tower is a new build that was completed in 2021. It is a model example of clear, edgy and sharp architecture. In the façade horizontal triangles are linked to vertical triangles from street level all the way. to the roof. The impressive look is finished with meticulously crafted joints around windows, doors and balcony glazing.

Isabella Tower is situated in Jätkäsaari, a seafront residential area in Helsinki. It is exposed to demanding natural conditions including salty sea air. The over 50 metre tall façade has to be exceptionally durable.  The top corners of the triangular panels extend some 50 cm from the skeleton frame of the building, and keeping the panels aligned requires that all panels were manufactured with absolute accuracy.

PRP designed the façade elements in close collaboration with the contractor, architect and construction designers. Our partner in the fixing structures was the German Fischer.

Materials: Triangular vertical and horizontal aluminium magnesium alloy elements.

colosseum, Vantaa

The curved effect panels of the façade were realised with aluminium composite sheets. The effect was finished with carefully designed joints with balcony glazing.

The PRP cassettes of Cor-Ten steel highlight the look of the archway. The patina of the material is underway due to air moisture and will soon reach its intended final look. The individual and perforated Cor-Ten cassettes were manufactured with our modern metal punching machinery.

PRP collaborated on the details design with the contractor, the balcony glazer and the architect. The resulting façade is visually impressive. 

Materials: PRP cassettes, Cor-Ten steel, partly perforated.

kirkkonummi main library, fyyri

Copper is a pliable material and in the hands of professionals it can be used to create a variety of shapes. Copper paning makes up the main part of the building’s façade. The joints and the eaves were designed without trims, which required that both production and installation had to be performed with exceptional accuracy.

In addition to copper panes that façade has black anodised aluminium slats. With custom perforation the slatted wall was given a visually impressive character. Indoors PRP installed exclusive and elegant details made of brass panels.

With its impressive façade Fyyri was awarded the Finlandia Award for Architecture in 2021.

Fyyri has been noted in both domestic and international press.

El Pais

Azure Magazine

Elle Decor





PRP realised the unique copper façade in which even the smallest detail was carefully designed in collabration witht the architect and the contractor.

Materials: Copper pane walls and black anodised aluminium slatting, custom perforation. Indoors detailing of brass.


A shopping centre with history, Koskikeskus in Tampere was given a flattering face lift with Reynobond-aluminium composite cassettes we installed. The previous tile façades were dismantled and the surfaces were updated into larger uniform surfaces. 

With our adjustable KU 50 VA aluminium frame system we created a plumb finish. Some details worth a separate mention are the vertical tiling of the cassettes and the parallellogram forms. The cassettes covering corners and eaves helped in creating a stylish end result. 

The visually impressive has a modern and solid architecture. The façade is the result of several technically demanding details that together create a handsome and unique look. 

PRP manufactured all the components. The whole is is crowned by an integrated, lit and perforated Koskikeskus neon sign. 

Materials: Reynobond aluminium composite cassettes. Adjustable PRP aluminium frame system KU 50 VA.

prima power, Seinäjoki

The Prima Powerin main façade is largely realised with aluminium composite panels. The entrange way has been highlighted with a wood imitation painted surface. 

With the PRP cassette system individual panels can be very large without visible screws. The external corners are realised with corner cassettes for a clean finish. 

PRP realised the main façade of Seinäjoki-based Prima Powerin with impressive aluminium composite panels. Our system allows us to install large panels without visible screws.

Materials: Aluminium composite panels, PRP cassette system


PRP realised in Sompasaari, Helsinki the façades for residential buildings Takila, Puosu, Vincent and Masto with matte black aluminium composite panels. It is. amaterial which is particularly well suited to create edgy forms. Due to a layered structure the panels are light but stiff. 

The black casing structures made of composite sheets between the glass accentuate the edgy geometrics of the building. 

PRP realised the façade of matte black aluminium composite paneling. In close collaboration with the main contractor and architect we created from demanding details a stylish whole by the sea.

Materials:  Matte black aluminium composite panels.


This project in Jyväskylä is the largest in PRP’s history.

The project included custom external slatted walls, the perforated profile walls in the lobbies and the profile flashings and aluminium composite cassettes in the external ceilings. In total the surface area was 15 000 m2.

KSSHP Hospital Nova in Jyväskylä is PRP’s largest ever subcontracting project.
We realised the custom external façades and lobby walls of the hospital building.

Materials: Aluminium composite cassettes, perforated profile panels, profile flashings, aluminium slatting.


The office building Perkkaa Kampus has an impressive façade of high shine surface, curving form and an interplay of various shades of green. 

PRP realised the project with Reynobond aluminium composite panels. The skeleton frame is a combination of custom profiles and adjustable elements. 

The project was commissioned by Keva and the main contractor Hartela Etelä-Suomi.

The Perkkaa Kampus office building in Espoo is a fine landmark in green. The façade detiling consists of genuinely curved surfaces that we realised with Reynobond aluminium composite panels. 

Materials: Reynobond aluminium composite panels.


To reduce the noise exposure of Treston Oy production facilities and to improve occupational well-being an effective and quick sound proofing solution was needed. We sound proofed the new pipe saw with ProCab installed directly on and around the machine.

The installation of ProCab is easy, as the modular structure can be tailored to fit the target closely.

ProCab is a flexible solution. forinsudtrial protection. It is equally suitable for noise reduction, filtering air impurities and stabilising temperatur. ProCab modules can. beused to build precively the size and shape of protection required. Also the exgternal surfaces can be tailored to match the brand look and the environment. 

Materials: Steel surface smart modules

PRP x Oilon

A partner’s complementary expertise is a valuable part of Oilon’s product development and manufacturing. The strong materials expertise and design skills at PRP create a clever manufacturability and minimise the number of parts needed. This saves in assembly costs and creates added value.

Based on experience, Oilon recommend PRP as a partner to all kinds of machinery businesses who use sheet metal and need a professional partner. 

PRP manufactures sheet metal products for clients with more than  30 years of experience. In addition we offer our strong design expertise of various materials and methods and a flexible fleet of machinery. The result is an efficient and optimised sheet metal product. We produce both small and large sets.

 Materials: Factory painted sheet metal, zinc plated parts, 1–3 mm thickness

PRP x Prima Power

ProCab is both standardised and flexibly customisable. The sound proofing solution designed by Finn-Power and PRP fulfils the EU Machinery Directive requirements and the flexible installation of modules guarantees that the solutions can serve all kinds of machines and production lines.

ProCab reduces the noise measurement outside by 20 dB, which means that the audible sound is reduced to circa one fourth.

ProCab is a flexible solution for industrial protection. It is suited to protect employees from nouse, air impurities and temperature fluctuations. The ProCab increases occupational safety and health by effectively reducing noise levels. It can be used either to reduce noise from a machine or production line or to offer the machinery operator a quiet work space.

Materials: Steel surface smart modules