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A hot work cabin can be constructed of ProCab-modular elements even in demanding environments. Thanks to its fire resistant and sealed structure keeps sparks easily under control and radically lowers the risk of fires. Also the transfer of welding gases to the environment can be prevented and the overall level tidiness is improved.

A ProCab cabin for hot work can be inspected and approved by the local fire authorities as a permanent hot work space.



Air conditioning

The air conditioning of the hot work cabin can be joined to an existing system of it can function as a stand alone system. The ProCab cabin can be complemented with a pressured air system, the necesary electrical outlets and other automatics.


To create a system that meets all the need of our client, we have a range of add-ons to the ProCab cabin.

These add-ons include e.g. tool boards, work tables or a  welding boom for the welding wire feeder are easy to include in the design stage or retrofitted as changes need.